Current Projects:

Internet of Production (IoP)

An interdisciplinary cluster of excellence at the RWTH Aachen University aiming at the application of artificial intelligence to different production and manufacturing processes. I am currently working on multiple processes.

Open-Die Forging

Increasing the autonomy involved in large scale open die forging to decrease the dependence of quality on human expertise. This is done through learning of the human operator’s behavior and then assisting the operator in future runs of the process.

Process Modeling

Working on an embedding of process models to enable the application of deep learning approaches to process and event log analysis.

Robot Web Tools (RWT)

Contribution to the ROS_bridge package. ROS bridge is an open-source ROS package that allows developers connect ROS to non-ROS systems. Most importantly it allows a developer to connect a ROS system to a web client.

Previous Projects

Care Framework M.Sc. Thesis

A Knowledge-Based Activity Representation for Shared Autonomy Teleoperation of Robotic Arms. It is difficult to map the signals received from a Brain Computer Interface (BCI) into commands for controlling a 7 Degrees of Freedom robot arm, therefore a user will find it difficult and uncomfortable to perform such activities using a robot arm controlled with a BCI. To overcome this, this thesis introduces the Constraint-based Activity REpresentation (CARE) framework; a framework for shared autonomy teleoperation of a robotic arm using a BCI. The CARE framework defines activities in an object centric approach, where an object declares a set of symbolic and geometric constraints to be applied while performing different manipulation actions that might involve other objects

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